I will clean and tune up your PC to make it fast again

clean and tune up your PC to make it fast again

About This Gig

Hi my name is Mike and With a few simple clicks I'll be able to connect to your PC thru a piece of software and clean and tune your PC so it will be running fast and smooth again.  I will also make sure you have all the Microsoft updates and the correct drivers for your hardware to keep your PC running smoothly. Also if you have a external hard drive or thumb drive i can help you back up your personal data. I have had years of experience and no complaints and very satisfied customers. If i cant fix it i cant charge so its a win win . Also you can watch on your screen my every move so it is also a good way for you to learn how to maintain your PC yourself. I will also provide you with a contact number in case we get disconnected. You will not lose any personal info such as pictures, music or any other data you may have saved. Any software used or installed will be removed after its all done.

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2 days delivery