I will write a song with you for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
write a song with you
write a song with you

About This Gig


I am a songwriter with many years of experience and studies and I am here to offer my services to assist your songwriting needs. 

Whether you believe you need a little help to make something sound the way you intend it to, or you want a whole song made out of one simple idea, I am here for you.

My mind is open and my range is ample. So is my music taste. And you can literally ask me for anything that is on your mind. Romance? Got it! How about a protest song? Let´s make it happen! You want an intricate story? Give me 48 hours... Or maybe 72! If your heart is broken, let´s put a soundtrack to the pain to make it more bearable.

If you have any doubts, contact me first and we will have a little talk and you can explain to me what you are looking for.

Lyrics should be the mirror to the soul and every single word should add something to the canvas. Because words can become medicine, you need to know that someone, somewhere is relating to this. It is time to start pacing the blank paper and letting the footprints turn into little pieces of the soul.

Every project is custom-tailored, so, hit the contact me button and let us start this adventure!

This gig is also available in Spanish.