I will professionally proofread 1,500 words

Excellent and very thorough editing/proofreading work! Great eye for detail. Would definitely hire again.
Reviewed by onlinenotaryins about 2 months ago
professionally proofread 1,500 words
professionally proofread 1,500 words

About This Gig

First impressions are important, and doubly so for written work.  Allowing grammar and spelling mistakes to slip by in your work is a sure-fire way to lose a reader's trust and interest, and even the most experienced writer can have trouble spotting their own mistakes.  With over 6 years of editing experience, I'll happily give your document that extra edge it needs to impress.

What I'll check for you:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure

For a more in-depth review, check the "Copyediting" Gig Extra and I'll highlight problematic text, recommend solutions, and lightly revise awkward phrasing.

To make your document the best that it can be, check the "Extensive Editing" Gig Extra.  At this level, I'll devote a significant amount of time to your text and heavily revise it to make it as clear and concise as possible.

Although I'll return your document back to you as quick as I can, some may want a speedier delivery.  Check the "Extra fast delivery" Gig Extra, and I'll return your text in 24 hours.

If you've got any additional questions or want to talk about working together in more depth, feel free to send me a message!  I look forward to hearing from and working with you.

Order Details

Proofread 1,500 words

Proofread up to 1,500 words with a guaranteed delivery within 3 days. Typical delivery is sooner.

3 days delivery