I will hold your sign in Valencia Venezuela malls

hold your sign in Valencia Venezuela malls
hold your sign in Valencia Venezuela malls

About This Gig

PROMOTE YOUR BRAND, products, services, WEBSITE or Social Networking Sites, HASHTAG or any message...

The industrial capital of Venezuela, one of the most modern cities and fastest growing with almost 4,000,000 inhabitants today; its location makes it a major investment center, dominating a large market and having great and important malls, where no matter the time, day and date, parking lots are filled and commercial spaces are full of people of different ages and social strata.

  • BASIC GIG: you can choose ONE of the following malls where ONE PERSON will walk for ONE hour through the whole place carrying a paper with your text or logo that may be seen and read by more than 35,000 people!

Shopping centers available are:
  1. Metrópolis Shopping Valencia
  2. La Granja
  3. Centro Sambil Valencia
  4. San Diego
  5. Beverly Center
  6. Centro Cristal
  7. Concepto La Granja
  8. Free Market
  9. Vía Veneto
  10. Multicentro El Viñedo
  11. Shopping Center
  12. Reda Building
  13. Metro Plaza

- Choose one of the places listed above.
- Look at the extras for an accurately bid.
- Send me your text, logo or what you want on the paper (which will be letter-size).

Please contact me before ordering so I can answer your questions or special requests.

Order Details

3 days delivery