I will teach you tinder A game for males

teach you tinder A game for males

About This Gig

I will teach you TINDER A+ Game (Males)
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I will help improve your tinder profile so you can deploy A+ Game (males)
  • this gig delivered in 24hrs
  • Smart optimisation checklist
  • I will need to see your tinder photos and bio (attach in msg)

If you are not getting matches and meets, Im your guy. 
I will work with you with a checklist to start with that will convert matches within 5 days.

Covering - photo selection, Bio description, opening statement
Im going to throw in for FREE a spot fake/spam profiles in seconds guide for FREE.

I am an active Tinder user I could be up for Tinder Athlete award 2016 for Tinder sponsored athletes if I keep this information all to myself :) 

Other coaching gigs
  • I will write you 5 opening lines $5
  • I will Create a conversation flow chart $10
  • I will teach you when to take it offline and get that number $10
  • The important part I will give you the best first meeting places $5
  • WANT IT ALL! $30

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