I will teach you how to make innovative food warmer

teach you how to make innovative food warmer

About This Gig

Food warmer in hotel are made in stainless steel but the craft I am offering uses only empty bottled soft drinks cans and alcohol to be used as food warmer in all the foods in a party.
They are not so expensive because the materials used will be just throw away if not be used for this recycling innovations.
It can be also used by boy scouts  in their overnight camping. It can be used to make hot water for their coffee or chocolate drinks.
Can cook also hot dogs, eggs and corned beef.
Cooking with this gadget is so clean because it uses alcohol unlike using woods to make a fire is so unclean because of dirt from the coal it produces.
If you buy my gig I will teach you step by step how to do it.
But if you want the finished product you must pay the shipping cost for it.
So what are you waiting for, I am not giving the tutorials how to do it.

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