I will create 2 favicons for your professional website for $5

create 2 favicons for your professional website
create 2 favicons for your professional website

About This Gig

Your professional website is entitled to have a personalized favicon.
A favicon is the little symbol (mostly the logo of the company, website or blog) that you can find in the address bar or in the browser tab. It is in 16 pixels high and wide and, depending on the browsers, has a .ico, . gif or .png format. For exemple, you all know the little white "f" in a dark blue square (Facebook) or the "fi" just above this window (Fiverr).

This little advantage will distinguish your window from the others and customers will tend to be more attracted by the products or services your company offers. I will provide you 
2 favicons for 5$ unless you only want the logo of your company. 

If you do not have any logo, do not worry about it! We can create it for you for 2 gigs more or we can create a flavicon only on the graphic chart of your blog, website or company.

On demand we can also offer you two FREE more icon sizes (32x32 and 64x64 pixels) so you can use them on your website or app.

Do not hesitate asking us questions! We will be pleased to answer you as soon as possible!

Special offer: satisfied or refunded! Why should you have to pay for nothing?