I will correct, Retouch and Convert Your Videos and Photos for $5

1 Revision Included / 3 Days On Average
correct, Retouch and Convert Your Videos and Photos
100 pumps 25100
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by wych84 9 months ago
Completed job ahead of schedule, super communication, did a great video redo, and will use again!!!! Must try this Fiverr job!!!
Reviewed by kennots 10 months ago
correct, Retouch and Convert Your Videos and Photos
100 pumps 25100

About This Gig


I will professionally fix and enhance any photo or up to 5 minutes of video UHD processing on any quality for only $5.

1 photo fix = 1 GIG ($5)
+ additional photos = +$1 / photo

1 GIG min. even with less than 5 minutes
1 minute vid.  = $1 / minute edited

  • Some Features
  1. Defish - remove fish-eye effect caused by action cameras or other wide angle lenses
  2. Denoise - remove noise caused by shooting in low light or with high ISO
  3. Sharpen - improve sharpness making your photos and videos look more crisp
  4. Stabilize - optically stabilize your hand-help or action cameras recordings
  5. Rotate - rotate photos and videos by any angle
  6. Change Speed - slow down or speed up your clips to achieve slow motion effects
  7. Cut, Join or Split
  8. Restore & Rebuild old photos and videos

  • Photo File Formats
  1. JPG
  2. PNG
  3. TIFF..

  • Video File Formats
  1. MP4 (h264)
  2. WMV 
  3. AVI.. uncompressed with any bit-rate

  • Video Resolution (SD, HD, 2k, 2.7k ,4k)
  1. SD 640x480
  2. HD 1280x720
  3. Full HD 1920x1080
  4. Ultra HD 3840x2160

  • Disclaimer
  1. You MUST OWN the rights of using and editing the images and clips you send to me
  2. Please keep in mind that i work close to perfection but cannot make miracles
  3. Delivery: 1-3 Days
  4. CONTACT ME before ordering