I will cast a STRONG Protection spell for you

cast a STRONG Protection spell for you

About This Gig

I will cast a strong PROTECTION spell that it will remove your negative energy and will protect you against bad things that may happen to you, like car accidents, diseases ,misfortune, bad people and protect your kids, family, dear ones,business

When we are born we receive a guardian angel which keeps us away from bad things, but many times we encounter evil only because we are not on the same plane with our angel, and this makes us have negative energies that attract bad things to us

We are still children in front of the angels, children who have a lot to learn, because through our decisions, many times we harm ourselves or people around us

I will pray to your guardian angel making him vibrate on the same level in order to protect and lead you to success, a happy and easy way in your family life. Each of us needs help and every time we receive help, a Divine hand was behind it

In this protection spell I use candles, chrism, incense and sacred herbs

This is a very powerful theurgic spell, and the gig's price is 10$, because I offer you real and effective services, If you want to order, check the Full Gig Extra, for 5$ I will only give you some advice. Thank you for your understanding

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