I will cast POWERFUL Full Moon Prayers for $5

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cast POWERFUL Full Moon Prayers
cast POWERFUL Full Moon Prayers

About This Gig

The energy of the full moon is ideal to remove all the obstacles which slow down development, especially the spiritual one. It is good to make things right, to give away sadness and forgive people, to quit smoking or to end an unhappy relationship, it is ok that during a full moon night to wish a better lifestyle because you deserve it.

During full moon nights the gates of universial forces are opened, in a magical and mysterious atmosphere of the full moon I will perform a powerful incantation and I can use my powers to maximum praying to our Creator to offer you the life you imagined, full of love, quiet and wealthy, or to fulfill for you any desire.

I don't accept bad desires.

This is a very powerful theurgic spell, and 
the gig's price is 105 $, because I offer you real and effective services, If you want to order, check the Full Gig Extra, for 5$ I will only give you some advice. Thank you for your understanding