I will 10 to 28 card tarot reading and 1 FREE celtic cross w follow up questions

10 to 28 card tarot reading and 1 FREE celtic cross w follow up questions
10 to 28 card tarot reading and 1 FREE celtic cross w follow up questions
10 to 28 card tarot reading and 1 FREE celtic cross w follow up questions

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Description 10 card Celtic Cross Any 1 Question 13 Card Yearly Forecast 28 Card Life and Anchor
  10 card spread answering any question 400 word min do a 13 card spread on all the aspects of your life for the coming year and1 key card 550 word min 28 card spread w 21 major and 7 minor cards for all aspects of your present and future 800 wd min
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About This Gig

I offer 3 different readings +1 free bonus Celtic Cross Reading $5 value!
Includes FREE pic of cards and 3 follow up questions!

$5-10 Card Celtic Cross 
This spread is great for asking a specific question (quest can be about anything)it takes you step by step through all the different aspects of the situation,past,present & future.By the end of the reading you feel like you have gotten through all the many facets of your issue 400 word min

$10-13 Card Annual Zodiac Wheel
The Zodiac Wheel analyzes your year to come.12 cards representing the twelve houses of the zodiac.Every card relates to an aspect of your life such as money,career,relationships,etc.The 13th card represents main lesson/theme reg. your year;your key.550 word min

$15-28 Card Life & Anchor Spread
Its an extremely detailed 28 card spread separating the major and minor arcana & then laying out 21 minor cds into the Life Spread detailing home,career,love,future,etc. all in depth & then your key. Then I take the major cards & lay out your anchor which includes your theme,love,wishes & future,etc.This spread covers both present, past & future.Its one of the most detailed spreads 800 word min

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be charged more money if I want to ask a few questions about my reading?
    Upon request I will answer up to 3 questions regarding your reading at no additional charge. Just send me a one page email listing your questions and I will respond as soon as possible; taking no longer than 3 days to respond. I hope this is helpful for you.
  • Is it ok to ask yes or no answer questions for the Celtic Cross Spread?
    It's not that you can't; you can. However, yes/no answer questions are best for simple 1 or at most 3 card tarot spreads. In a more detailed and in depth reading such as the Celtic Cross Spread yes/no greatly limits your options, where as more open questions prove for a much more insightful reading
  • Do you have any suggestions for questions that do not have a yes or no answer?
    Absolutely. Below are some examples on how to phrase a good question for a reading: What will happen if I_ Will I successfully_ How will my relationship progress with_ What will be the outcome of_
  • Will I be charged extra if I would like a picture of my reading?
    No. If you like I can send you a picture of your card reading for no additional cost!