I will make Pro Amazing COMEDY Reaction

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by marrigon 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by chiefachieve 3 months ago
Thanks for the funny Russian gestures!
Reviewed by botero1 3 months ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jordanhorst 5 months ago
Repeat buyer, everything he does is comic gold! Seriously one of my favorite fiverr's!
Reviewed by nicolascaesar 8 months ago
Totally brilliant! thank you! Will use again!
Reviewed by barryferns 8 months ago
great thank you very much - when you in berlin germany we drink a beer german beer :-)
Reviewed by ingoklabunde 10 months ago
make Pro Amazing COMEDY Reaction
make Pro Amazing COMEDY Reaction
make Pro Amazing COMEDY Reaction
make Pro Amazing COMEDY Reaction

About This Gig

Latest Updates: Now I have Full HD camera (1980x1080p, 30fps)

"I hasten to cry otherwise I'd burst out laughing" - Alex Madison (Me)

Hello my customers! And welcome to my funny world of art! 

Works on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPGWKba9rk95gaFrrQ_Tscg

WARNING: Example video for gig has much lower video/audio bit rate, cause available size is only 50MB.

Reaction from me can be any, just tell me what do I need to react. 

By the way, it would be an ad or mini scene, or a small clip. 
I do not bite :), ask me and we will find a solution for any ideas.

Will the reaction with or without voice? This is also important.
By default, I do my reaction with the voice.

I have been for many years in the theater since a very young age. 
Experience huge, skills here and you can see them in examples.

After all, laughter prolongs life! 

Order and enjoy!

- MadisonCase

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Comedy Reaction for fun!

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