I will arrange letter blocks to form your name or short message

Love it! Thanks you! :-)
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Fantastic, fantastic...again :-). Many thanks, Ang! Happy New Year!
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Another 5 Stars :). Thanks!
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just perfect as always !
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As always, Ang makes me look DAMNED GOOD, and quickly. I heart her.
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Ang is the bomb. Every time.
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Repeat customer - excellent service again
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Creative, professional, efficient. Thank you Madmoo. The photo's, the message and the layouts are amazing as always. Cheers!
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Perfect work delivered quickly!
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Good person and perfect job wish you all the best
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perfect job very fast
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arrange letter blocks to form your name or short message
arrange letter blocks to form your name or short message
arrange letter blocks to form your name or short message

About This Gig

This gig has been updated (November 2014) and was originally for small wooden bead blocks as you will see in the gig examples, but I've now got some new blocks which I have hand coloured and written on, which allows me to have a wider range of letters and characters. I also think the muted colours are really attractive and will work well as gifts for births or children in particular, though their uses are unlimited.

I'll arrange these hand coloured letter blocks into your name or short message. The photos are all 300dpi and generally around 4000px x 3000px depending on crop size - please tell me if you have any specific requirements for crop. If you'd rather have the original plain bead-blocks, please state in your order.

30 letters maximum per message. You can have a longer message by ordering an extra (below)
These will be arranged on a PLAIN light background and will be just the letters (if you want surrounding scattered blocks or a different coloured background, please tell me when ordering).
As usual, if in doubt, please ask first.