About This Gig

Can I make you eat your words? Do you have something you want to say, in a different and unique way?
I'll spell it out for you on toast or directly on the plate.
PLEASE try to keep the message short especially if it's on a slice of toast 10 characters are about the most that fit before it starts to look messy!
The letters are all capitals and space is limited.
Long URLs don't work as well as short words which I'm able to arrange across several lines.
Messages directly on the plate, with a random small amount of spaghetti, can be slightly longer than those on toast. It may sound odd but actually looks very effective (and even clearer than on the toast).
I use a white plate and 3 or 4 different coloured backgrounds. If you want a 'fancy' version with napkin, flowers etc, then please purchase the 'extra' shown below this gig. As always, ask first if you're unsure, and look at the examples of my work to get an idea of what is possible.