I will 11 unique gift ideas

11 unique gift ideas
11 unique gift ideas

About This Gig

Isn't it so much fun to give presents?  
And yes... also to ourselves once in a while. ;)

Here are 11 unique gift ideas for you (same ones as in the picture)

To see the description and details of each one (each one is a separate gig), please visit my profile page by clicking on the little photo of my face.

I bet you, that at minimum, one of the following, would be a perfect gift for your special person:

For anyone:
I will:
*place your note in the Western Wall
*teach you how to memorize 200 words in an evening
*teach you Hebrew in one afternoon
*help you calm down, and figure things out on Skype
*design unique E invitations for any event

For Writers, etc.:
* I will get you through writer's block today.
* I will join you at my Writer's Workshop Cafe
* I will edit and proofread, rewrite and add spice

For non native English speakers, etc.:
* I will teach you interactive English classes on Skype
* I will practice speaking English on Skype
* I will rewrite your Fiverr gigs in perfect English

If the perfect gift isn't on the list, but you like my style and have an idea that I can help you with... send me and we'll figure it out!

You can order here, or on the specific gig's page.

Hugs, May :)