I will advertise you with Major Brands like BMW in Major Magazine

advertise you with Major Brands like BMW in Major Magazine
advertise you with Major Brands like BMW in Major Magazine
advertise you with Major Brands like BMW in Major Magazine

About This Gig


Life Lessons Magazine
 is a growing publication in the New York City market, expanding in Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago and I am able to get your brand next to over $50 Billion in Brand Power with companies like Macy's, Burberry, BMW, Regions Bank, VitaminWater and others. 1.5 Million Reach in NYC only (major market for growth)

The KEY to Branding is Perception: If you market in mediums with companies with little value, the market will perceive you the same and offer you little to nothing. This gig allows you to get associative brand power from companies that have paid millions to create such value. Placing your brand advertisement next to POWERFUL other Brands, gives you 1000% more credibility and highly increased sales potential. Likewise, I can have a high-end brand ad design created for you. We place your ad in a full page spot for 90 days in next issue!

please contact me before you purchase
! Everyone is welcomed but not all are prepared. I need to review your current state in business, review your current brand state, offer any advice (for free) before we can give you this offer. 

Order Details

Major Brand Advertisement

1.5 Million Reach in NYC | Your Brand advertised with Big Companies like Macy's, BMW and other

7 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I submit my own design? (please read)
    Yes. However, if they do not meet the design quality of our major brands, we can't use it. The best thing to do is to purchase with me so that you know for sure you will get a design that meets the quality and not pay somewhere else and I still can't use it.
  • What's Life Lessons Magazine Demographics?
    Medium household incomes range from 85k-$175k per year. 60% White Female /White Male / 40% African American and other. 55% college grads | 15% post grad | 25% high school.
  • How Long will my Ad be in the Magazine?
    Perpetually, even if the issue sells to 1 million consumers. However, it will be "on the market or in strategic locations" for 3 months straight in over 100 locations and 500 plus issues in NYC.
  • When will my Ad be placed in the Magazine?
    I will place your feature in the next issue set for release in NYC of which, LLM releases issues bi-monthly, outside of any special release issues (6 per year). So, depending on when you purchase the gig, you can go in and be seen within a week or as long as 30-40 days.
  • What is Life Lessons Magazine about?
    This magazine features the stories and experiences of people from all walks of life, from celebrities to locals. In each feature, LLM tells a story using big imagery and more importantly, delivers a powerful message of hope, good will and charity that inspires the reader.
  • Can I get copies of the Magazine once it is published
    Yes. You will have to visit the Life Lessons Magazine website to get additional copies. I just have connections to the magazine from an features/advertisement/content perspective and offering services on Fiverr. Additional stuff like copies will have go directly through their website.