I will send you Bulgarian Rose Oil Perfume

send you Bulgarian Rose Oil Perfume
send you Bulgarian Rose Oil Perfume

About This Gig

Hi friends!
I was long thinking what I can send abroad to my friends as a special gift from my country Bulgaria. We are one of the main manufacturers of Rose Oil and I would love to share this treasure with you!

I am sending 2ml of 100% Original Rose Oil Perfume Water and a Gift Card that it is attached to!

Rose Oil Perfume Water is one of the ancient crafts and it is used as:
-strong perfume
-massage oil
-aroma oil
-anti-stress relief
...and many more, you can google it :)

I checked the shipping costs via Bulgarian Posts and to USA it goes something like 4usd so nothing exprensive here!

Still, before ordering please contact me first with your exact address so I can call and get the exact price for you! If it suits you, I will then send you a custom order!

Again, the price of $5 is just for the oil! Any questions- just PM me!

If you require other Rose products or bigger quantities, PM me and I will show you the available products!

Happy Ordering! :)

Order Details

10 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is shipping included?
    No, but the prices are very affordable as mentioned above!
  • How many days it will take my order to come in my hands?
    You give me your address, I call and ask for you :)