I will turn your video into a printable animated flipbook

About This Gig

Your VIDEO made into a FLIP BOOK!

Watch their jaw drop as you hand them a small stack of cards that when flipped plays out a up to 20 seconds of MOVING VIDEO of your choice!  

We take your submitted file and break the scene down frame by frame and generate a printable DIY flipbook PDF template.  Simply print, cut, stack and flip!

You select the text on the outside of the book. 

Great for:
  • Promposals
  • First Kiss
  • First Steps
  • First Dance
  • Or literally ANYTHING! The more movement in your clip the better.

Basic Gig = 5 second of video to be used.  Submitted file must already be pre edited down to the specific 5 seconds.

Have a larger file that needs to be edited down to your selected time frame but don't know how? Select the edit-for-you gig extra below and also receive an upgrade that allows for 10 seconds worth of video to be used at no additional charge!

Order Details

3 days delivery