I will edit videos you make

edit videos you make
edit videos you make
edit videos you make

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  simple editing, putting audio you prepped and some CC music audio mastering, CC music, Color correction, special effects, whiteboard animation paid music, audio mastering, color correction, stop motion and whiteboard animation
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About This Gig

I have vast experience in editing videos, with knowledge to edit on such programs as Adobe Premiere, iMovies, Magix Video ProX , Final Cut Pro. Currently I am editing in either Adobe Premiere or Magix Video ProX depending on situation, but the quality of the editing won't suffer from software I use.

I can edit in style of classic TV, music video, whiteboard animation or simply classic youtube video( a lot of cuts) Also can easily edit any interview or wedding.

Besides the usual editing I can also color correct, add sound effects, do audio mastery, even do basic stop motion animation and even whiteboard animation[for more see pricing list]

I use CC as well as professional paid music/photos/timelapses. 

When hiring me please, send me all materials you want me to use via google drive( similar sites also acceptable although not preferable) and tell me how long you want your video to be and if you have any request (like animation or specific music)
     Also with choosing Premium package you have 1 Basic package FREE  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you copy X youtube channel style?
    Yeh sure I can
  • Can you also buy that photo i saw on site X?
    Well that depends. If it is for sale, sure, as long as you chose standard or premium package.
  • Will you do any video that is against your personal belief?
    YES. When I work my personal belief is not important. You pay me, you demand, I deliver.
  • Can you do some voiceovers as well?
    only for PREMIUM package, otherwise see my other gigs.
  • will you edit porn?
    Man oh Man! you must have talked with someone who asked me the SAME question while talking about making a wedding video. The answer is yes, choose Premium Package though :/
  • What is Magix Video ProX
    Magix Video ProX is premium video editor made by german company Magix. It is very similar to Premiere Pro, mixed with After Effects and is ideal for beginning filmmakers. Trust me, Adobe or Magix, your video will be in good hands.
  • Are you doing Animations by yourself?
    Depends, some I do, some I get help from my friend, who deals in stop motion animation for 5 years now.
  • Presentation Videos? Can you do it?
    Easy, yes I can.
  • Why 1 free basic package with Premium package?
    Sometimes people want BTS video from the video they pay me for, it happens so often I decided to not charge for it. that's why BTS video is free of charge if you require one. Otherwise you can ask me to do anything basic.