I will do psychic tarot readings

do psychic tarot readings
do psychic tarot readings

About This Gig

Are you confused by future possibilities?
Are you worried about what the future holds for you?
Are you seeking direction and impartial advice?
Are you curious what message the tarot cards have for you?
Are you in a relationship and wonder where it's going?
Are you seeking a change in career and wonder what your options are?

If you are after a clear and impartial reading that explains the message the Tarot has for you in plain English, then I am the reader you are looking for.

With over 40 years experience in reading the cards, I take a spiritual yet grounded view of life and help you to clarify where you are now and the future possibilities open to you.

I am also a Hypnotherapist and EFT Master Practitioner and author of the book, Be Psychic Free, due out via Amazon in January 2017 and specialize in helping people overcome an over-dependence on psychics and tarot readers, as well as teaching tarot card reading.

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Psychic Tarot Reading

With over 40 years experience, I offer insightful readings to help you look at future possibilities.