I will promote your YouTube videos and Music

promote your YouTube videos and Music

About This Gig

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I will make sure to provide best video promotion possible for your projects!

What's so special about my gig?
Your videos will be boosted and advertised via Facebook AD. When I boost, I target audience. For example, If your video is about movie, it will be shown to people who are only interested in movie.

Any YT videos are welcome -(Business/Funny/Products/Music/Etc).

For $5 (Basic Gig)

  • First, I will share your link on my powerful Facebook page that is built just for YouTube videos
  • Then boost and advertise your video using Facebook AD to over +1.8M people.
  • Target audience like I mentioned above.
  • I am pretty sure you will see some results gradually.
(Real promotion and so it might take up to 2-5 days for the AD to be completed)

(Please see the extra gig above for more exposure)

What you could expect from my gig (However, I do not guarantee any of these):

  • Get exposed to new audience worldwide & Gain new fans
  • Sell products & Get business deals
  • Etc

Extra offers are above :)


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promote you-tube videos visitors like views and subscribe

  • SEO Video Optimization
  • Channel Setup & Optimization
10 days delivery 2 Revisions