I will help you look beach ready in 21 days

help you look beach ready in 21 days
help you look beach ready in 21 days
help you look beach ready in 21 days

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Description 21 Day Burn and Tone Bonus jump start package Fail Proof Package
  21 days worth of workouts you can do from home, diet and supplementation plan Same as Basic with bonus 2-day quick fix lesson for faster results Same as basic with bonus guilt free desserts recipe book and 2-day quick fix lesson
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About This Gig

Need to get in shape in a hurry for an event? Maybe summer is just 21 days away and you want to look great in your favorite swimwear and clothes.

And Be Proud About Showing Off Your Body, Give Yourself More Freedom and Time...

Without Suffering From Restrictive Diets, Tedious and Time Consuming Workouts, Confusing Calorie Counts, Expensive Exercise Gimmicks and Questionable "Supplements" ?

And you..
> Struggle with time
> Are not happy with what you see in the mirror
> Want results but don’t have the desire, knowledge or time to create a results-driven program
> Are not happy with your growing waistline

In 21 days you'll spending half the time at the gym, have more free time, but still have a flat stomach, toned arms and thighs, and a curvy bum. You walk into a room exuding with confidence and turning heads. How do you feel when you see that in the mirror? 

You are where you are today because of the decisions you made.

Unless you'are willing to step up, and commit to making a change, you're going to stay the way you are.

The only person holding you back now is YOU! Don’t be the one who let it all slip right through their fingers! Get started right now on this incredible chapter of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this program for?
    This is designed specifically for women who want to burn body fat, get toned arms and thighs, a tight and flat belly, and a booty that gets double-takes.
  • Do I need prior experience?
    No. As a matter of fact, this program is most suited to absolute beginners to those who’ve been in a gym before but never followed a formal program or have little to no experience.
  • Do I have to take any special supplements?
    No! The option is there but it’s not an absolute necessity. Inside you’ll be introduced to supplements which are able to help you overcome cravings and burn more body fat. I do not promote or advocate the use of banned or dangerous substances.
  • I don’t have enough time to workout.
    The workouts take no longer than 50 minutes (on long days) to complete – warm-up time inclusive (which you can easily shorten to 40 minutes),
  • What makes the 21 Day Burn and Tone program different to all the other programs out there?
    It’s a program that’s flexible and doesn’t demand too much of your time; is simple to follow; provides smart supplement guidelines; gives you the ability to fit it to YOUR life, recovery and schedule; relies on scientifically sound principles to help you burn fat and build muscle tone.
  • What results can I expect from this program?
    You can expect burn LOTS of body fat, lose inches off your waist, build muscle tone in your arms and thighs, build a firmer and rounder bum and improve your fitness level.