About This Gig

Customized by YOU, I will create a short video of me wearing a horse head mask displaying your messages!

Send me a personal message or advertisement (ANYTHING you want), and I will write it down on a piece of paper, crumple it up, and in the video I will pull it out of my horse-mouth and show it to the camera.
  • Around 1 min, can be more or less depending on the order.
  • Message must fit easily on one sheet of paper (more messages can be ordered in extras).

Other than that, just tell me how to be WEIRD and I will do it!!! (no actual nudity)

*Promoting a business/website, must add the extra ( $10 )*

Each $5
Each of these bullets counts as ONE EXTRA, order as many as you would like!!!
  • Add a few sheets a paper for longer messages.
  • Wear an orange morphsuit instead of shirtless.
  • Add a song/sound track to the video, just send me what you want.
  • Print a logo or picture to show on the video (company logo, pic of friend, etc.).
  • Add a prop to my repertoire (if I have it or can acquire it easily).
  • Add horse noises (I have a sound clicker).

  • Asking someone out/ to prom
  • Prank on a friend
  • Happy birthdays
  • Creep someone out
  • Promoting your business/product
  • Office shenanigans