I will film a horse head mask custom message or advertisement video

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by oldschool74 about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by zacklyon about 2 years ago
Great performance and top work
Reviewed by dubey1niku over 2 years ago
Awesome video was not disappointed with results, would commission again!
Reviewed by halkent over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by randicramer almost 3 years ago
lol incredible! He is perhaps one of the greatest Fiverr of all time. Bravo. Bravo!
Reviewed by dmxn2k almost 3 years ago
Very cool! This gig was exactly what I was looking for... something really good to creep people out! I highly recommend.
Reviewed by mikek999 almost 3 years ago
Hilarious. Completely awesome.
Reviewed by gregmuzak almost 3 years ago
Reviewed by mkassing almost 3 years ago
Reviewed by statisto almost 3 years ago
Just Perfect!!!!
Reviewed by pruggi about 3 years ago
Brilliantly surreal! And great service!
Reviewed by madmullah about 3 years ago
This, albeit strange, was totally awesome. This persons performance art is magnificent.
Reviewed by jackascii about 3 years ago
Reviewed by matwilcox over 3 years ago
Wow that was pretty awesome! Haha Thanks so much.
Reviewed by funnyjones over 3 years ago
Reviewed by useresu over 3 years ago
I had Luke make two videos for my corporate team and fellow co-workers and they were great. He turned them around in less than 24 hours and wrote exactly what I asked on sheets of paper. Thanks!
Reviewed by thenewsatnight over 3 years ago
Luke is awesome and did a great job!
Reviewed by thenewsatnight over 3 years ago
Words fail me, to describe how awesome this is, and blazingly fast. Luke you rock.
Reviewed by jasontester over 3 years ago
Luke did a great job. Hilarious, and he improvised when he was out of town and got the thing done super fast for me. too weird to be believed. just right.
Reviewed by jullman over 3 years ago
film a horse head mask custom message or advertisement video
film a horse head mask custom message or advertisement video
film a horse head mask custom message or advertisement video
HH One Eye Open 1080p
HH Paige 1080p

About This Gig

Customized by YOU, I will create a short video of me wearing a horse head mask displaying your messages!

Send me a personal message or advertisement (ANYTHING you want), and I will write it down on a piece of paper, crumple it up, and in the video I will pull it out of my horse-mouth and show it to the camera.
  • Around 1 min, can be more or less depending on the order.
  • Message must fit easily on one sheet of paper (more messages can be ordered in extras).

Other than that, just tell me how to be WEIRD and I will do it!!! (no actual nudity)

*Promoting a business/website, must add the extra ( $10 )*

Each $5
Each of these bullets counts as ONE EXTRA, order as many as you would like!!!
  • Add a few sheets a paper for longer messages.
  • Wear an orange morphsuit instead of shirtless.
  • Add a song/sound track to the video, just send me what you want.
  • Print a logo or picture to show on the video (company logo, pic of friend, etc.).
  • Add a prop to my repertoire (if I have it or can acquire it easily).
  • Add horse noises (I have a sound clicker).

  • Asking someone out/ to prom
  • Prank on a friend
  • Happy birthdays
  • Creep someone out
  • Promoting your business/product
  • Office shenanigans