I will create Justin Beiber like YouTube page experience for your Vlogs


About This Gig

Justin Beiber, Demi and all artists create a YouTube page experience to help their views and subscriptions. Your page for Vlogs needs to have the same experience.

I will create Justin Beiber's lookalike YouTube page experience by (contract of services in gallery)

  1. Insert feature video section which would autoplay when someone visits your channel.
  2. Categorize Vlogs into sections for viewers to browse easily
  3. Monetize your video by inserting Google's Adsense
  4. Create clickable links inside your video so viewers could visit your website or social media.
  5. Create and place banners on the page
  6. Write subtitles to your video of under 3 minute
  7. Prepare quality viewing settings
  8. Write SEO description to your video

I do this from top brands who upload premium TVCs. I would like to help you with these things.

Let's contact for advice!

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