I will send you a very powerful Karuna Reiki

send you a very powerful Karuna Reiki

About This Gig

Karuna Reiki is a type of energy healing that can be sent at a distance to anyone or anything that concerns us.  Karuna Reiki can help us find balance and a sense of peace.

what kind of Things can get from Karuna Reiki.

1. Distant Healing 
2. Cure all type of Diseases
3. To give up all type of Bad Habits.
4. Chakra Balancing
5. Child Abuse
6. Lack of Confidence
7. Negative Attitude
8. Fear and Bad Dreams
9. All Type of Material Benefits
10. For Development of Spirituality and Morality
11. For Realization of Responsibility.
12. For Harmony and Flexibility in Personality.
13. For Sweet Relationship.
14. For Mental Peace.
15. Remove Negativity from a Person.
16. To Dissolve the Commencement or Destiny of Past Life.

This type of session is sent at a distance to anywhere in the world.

Pets, adults, children, plants and physical spaces (like your home, vehicle, or workplace) are all welcome.

Note. Kindly send me your latest picture with your full name in the order. 

Feel free to discuss with me about your problem before order

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