I will offer 1 hour high quality life coaching

offer 1 hour high quality life coaching

About This Gig

I am a very experienced life/clarity coach and facilitator. Talk to me on any subject close to your heart, from stage fright to confidence at job interviews.

Is work getting you down, or maybe you feel stuck in your life?

Give me a try and I will share with you some information that could lead to a massive change in your life!

I dont use any techniques, I share an understanding that can really help.

I love to try new ways of sharing my work and my skills and I think Fiverr could be a new and exciting way for me to do so....sample for yourself some quality coaching.

We can arrange a time that suits us both...I will send you a link so we can meet via a video link (Zoom)

Looking forward to talking to you soon,


Order Details

4 days delivery

High Quality life coaching

I will coach you for one hour on a subject of your choice. if you are stuck in life, I can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you based?
    Im based just outside London in England.
  • Why are using Fiverr?
    Im always looking to find different ways to share my work and Fiverr seemed like a great place to start.
  • Can I book more than one session at the advertised price?
    While I am in Fiverr, I will stick to my advertised price.
  • Where else do you work?
    I work as a director for a large organisation where I manage 120 people, directly and indirectly. I also have private clients.
  • How do we meet or talk?
    When you place your order and we agree in a time, I will send you a link to an online video meeting?
  • Do I need to supply a phone number?
    Not at all, we can meet online via a secure link.