I will record a fast talking DISCLAIMER voice over for legal tag

record a fast talking DISCLAIMER voice over for legal tag
record a fast talking DISCLAIMER voice over for legal tag

About This Gig

Need a fast-paced DISCLAIMER or SPEED READ? You're in the right place! I've voiced hundreds of disclaimers for automobile commercials, parody spots and legal tags.

Now you can get the same HIGH QUALITY and dead-on speed impact for a fraction of the cost. You get me NATURALLY SPEAKING FAST - no need to speed up thru processing (other then to tweak a small % to fit into a specific time).

1 GIG = 15 Words: $5. 
Commercial License: $20. Required for all non-agreement clients. 
> Minimum to perform most Disclaimers: $25
ASAP Delivery: $20 (message first for availability)

1 GIG = UP to 15 words (approx :03) - $5
2 GIGS = UP to 30 words (about :07) - $10
3 GIGS = UP to 45 words (roughly :11) - $15
4 GIGS = UP to 60 words (approx :15) - $20
5 GIGS = UP to 75 words (about :18) - $25
6 GIGS = UP to 90 words (roughly :22) - $30

Please make sure your script is free of errors and you've included required COMMERCIAL LICENSE and other extras as needed.

ALL GIGS AND AVAILABILITY: www.fiverr.com/malevoicetalent

Hours: 7a-10p Mon-Thu, 7a-4p Fri ET, Weekends vary.
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Order Details

1 day delivery


$5 per 15 words + $20 Commercial License

  • Up to 15 Words
  • Script Proofreading
  • HQ Audio File

Frequently Asked Questions

    A CL allows your VO to be used for any business purpose, free and clear. All non-agreement customers are required to purchase this. This protects all advertising, promotion, social media, pitches, spec spots, etc. More: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/204791227
  • Do you provide ASAP FAST Delivery?
    PLEASE MESSAGE ME FIRST with complete script, to ensure availability and provide a custom quote ($20 extra for ASAP DELIVERY). Normal hours: 7am-10pm M-Th, 7am-5PM F, Weekends vary. www.fiverr.com/malevoicetalent
  • How does BACKGROUND MUSIC work?
    Indicate the style of music you want and I will supply from my royalty free collection. You can also provide your own. Either way, each Gig is per 1000 words (about 5-minutes) for $20, to mix the music under the voiceover.
  • How does VIDEO SYNC work?
    I will deliver an AUDIO FILE timed to your VIDEO. Each GIG is 100|10 - 100 words @ $10 (about 30-seconds). It's best that you have an existing scratch track or text on screen to sync to. I will match my VO and deliver as a clean mp3, wav or aiff AUDIO FILE (your choice).