I will give You the Demon Dictionary

give You the Demon Dictionary

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Most people believe that angels exist. But what about demons? Are demons real?

You bet they are!

The Names, Ranks, Seals, etc. of Satan’s Angels

This book is in no way intended to exalt, glorify or promote these demons. But I think everyone (religious or not) has an obligation to know who these demons are and what they represent!

WARNING: Please exercise extreme caution when reading this book. Please do not read the actual demon names out loud. Although, elaborate conjuring rituals are usually required to summon these angels, why risk drawing attention to yourself or your family by speaking their names.

WARNING: In this book I have reproduced the seals which are used to identify each demon. Do not make copies of these, or place them on any objects owned by you or your family. This is a sign to the demon that these objects are his and you don’t want to go there.

WARNING: In some cases I have briefly described how these demons may be summoned. Please do not attempt any of these rituals unless you really mean to summon the demon. I highly recommend you avoid doing this at all costs. 

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