I will do any photoshop job within 12hr

do any photoshop job within 12hr
do any photoshop job within 12hr
do any photoshop job within 12hr

About This Gig

I have intensive and diverse 6 years experience with Photoshop. I’ve worked with sites like Fiverr e-commerce websites and
since a long time.

  • Creative photo manipulation
  • Background removal / changing / transparent background 
  • Advanced facial / skin retouching /softening / removing wrinkles & blemishes/Change eyes color
  • Fashion correction
  • Slim body
  • Photo merging
  • Removing/ adding objects/ swap heads
  • Product retouching (background removal / enhancements)
  • Adjust lighting / airbrushing / digital enhancing
  • Amazon Products Retouching, White Background
  • Image resizing/cropping
  • Body shaping
  • Professional portrait retouching

Effects adding: Vintage, HDR, B&W etc.

Professional product photo retouching: Clipping path, photo manipulation, color replacement

High quality real estate photos editing: Lens correction, exposure/colors correction.
Increasing image size without compromising on the quality of the photograph

TOP 3 reasons to hire me:

  1. Fast & friendly customer service
  2. 6 YEARS of in-depth experience and expertise in PHOTOSHOP and other
  1. I’ve worked with sites like Fiverr and e-commerce websites since a long time.

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1 day delivery

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vey fast delivey with in 2hr

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