I will create a character bio for you

create a character bio for you
create a character bio for you

About This Gig

Having trouble creating a character for your story that fits in with the other elements you've designed? Look no further, I am here to help!

Forged in the ashes of a forgotten paper manufacturing plant out of southern Virginia, some say I have the divine power of the narrative-others say I have paper for skin and a soul the shade of an inky jet black. 

The truth is much more uninspiring. A current Florida resident, I spend most days twiddling away the hours with a pencil pinned in hand, writing fascinating stories of names unnamed, and lives not lived.

With practiced poise I delegate the quirky mold of my mind, crafting characters not of my own design. This is where you come in. By lending me your frustrations you can fill my lonely hours of scribbling wasted ideas into something meaningful that you can utilize in your very own work of art. 

If you need more convincing that I'm the right mind for the job, then I'm in trouble because the character limitation is going to cut me off in about three more wor-

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Character creation and development

I will conceive and create a story around a unique character for you to use in your project.

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