I will turn a list of ingredients into a meal idea

turn a list of ingredients into a meal idea

About This Gig

Don't know what to make for dinner and don't want to go to the store?  On a tight budget and want to know what to make with what little food you have in the house? Know you want steak but dont know what you want to go with it?Whether you want to make a quick and simple weeknight meal or you want to cook something fancy for someone special, I can help! You tell me the information and I will send you a recipe for every component of the meal!  

$5 meal (meat, vegetable, starch); If you wanted a multi-course meal (e.g. soup/salad/app, entree, dessert) $5 a course. 

Most recipes will be sent within hours, however, multi-course meals may take up to 2 days.  

I will send you recipes ONLY using the ingredients you tell me, unless you specify otherwise. (e.g. You are willing to go to the store for ingredients)

Most will be sent within a few hours of being requested, however, more in depth recipes may take up to 2 days.

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2 days delivery