I will give you 40 Ebooks you can resell

give you 40 Ebooks you can resell
give you 40 Ebooks you can resell
give you 40 Ebooks you can resell
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About This Gig

We have many e-books that you can be able to resell anywhere.
For the Basic Gig:
You get 5 E-books in PDF format.
Choose from the E-books that we have:
1- A Respectable Winner Is The Real Winner
2- A Guide To Self Control
3- Assertiveness
4- Secret_Sauce_Strategies
5- Success_Coaching
6- The Magic of Failure
7- The Powerful Uplifting Secrets
8- The_Art_of_Positive_Thinking
9- The_Expert_Guide_to_Article_Marketing
10- UImage_Professional_Growth
11- Why is your gold shinning brighter than mine
12- Desperate-Market-Domination
13- The Millionaires Financial Breakthrough Revolution
14- Solved SEO Mysteries
15- Local Business SEO Demystified
16- Viral Marketing Frenzy
17- KnowThy-self
18- Business Optimization
19- Marketing Dynamics, Theory and Practice
20- SEO Instructions
21- BuildingDownlines
22- LearningTheLiesGuide
23- VirtualCorp
24- Confederate Boy In The Civil War
25- How_to_Start_a_Speciality_Restaurant
26- Develop Your Financial
27- Saving Time and Money for Work at Home Entrepreneurs
28- Real Estate Investment Secrets
29- Marketing Master Key
30- Creating Great Landing Pages
31- Marketing Answers
32- Learn About Podcasting
33- 101 Diet Tips for Losing 10 Pounds
34- Delicious Diabetic Recipes

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