I will fix your W3C bugs and errors

fix your W3C bugs and errors

About This Gig

I will check all your bugs and errors on official site of w3c i.e. https://validator.w3.org/ and I will remove all errors and bugs with proper accurate html tags and codes.
I will focus on following things:
1. proper html tags i.e. closing and opening properly.
2. No use of inline styles.
3. html5 standard tags only
4. Indention of code.
5. adding of comments.
6.readable and reusable code
7. proper calling of external files.
8. removal of junk and unwanted code.

apart from these any other similar issue will be covered.

I will do 1 or 2 page in these 1 gig.
for more please order more or go for a custom order.

I need all files, and proper names of the files to be tested.
Also ftp address to test live on w3c.