I will send you the Paris Essence travel guide


About This Gig

Short, sharp and essential, that's the Cities Essence guides! Our short but essential city guides cut through the deluge to give you what you really need to know: what to see, best views, nighout (food, bars), getting around, local issues and tips.  The guide will be send to you in pdf format to use on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

I am an architect and I was raised and studed architecture in this city. I will send you an original guide for your trip to PARIS that includes classic and off the beaten path places to go, the best places to eat, information about transportation, day trips, money-saving tips, and general things you should know. 

Save yourself some time, money and energy and let me guide you to this historical city. It includes general information that is useful for anyone visiting Paris and it will guarantee an amazing trip.

Don't be fooled by overpriced souvenirs, don't follow advice of people who have merely visited there, but take advice from me who lives half a year in the city.

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