I will promote Your Business in China for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
promote Your Business in China
promote Your Business in China
promote Your Business in China
promote Your Business in China

About This Gig

Hi Friend,

I'm an entrepreneur and I've got my own business in China. 

I’m living in Shanghai, China and I travel a lot.

I have extensive experience in starting business in China. 

I can help you promote your business in China.

For this GIG, I will answer 3 questions for $5 about doing business in China.

You can take all your questions such as tax system, market, national policies, funding, products, opportunities, etc.



1. $100 more I will conduct a comprehensive market research and generate a complete report for your business in China.

My research project will consist of the following contents:

-Industry Analysis

-Company Competitive Analysis

-Product/Service Competitive Analysis

-marketing and pricing strategy

2. $100 more I will write you an overall business plan or proposal to help you find partners and cooperators in China.

My custom comprehensive business plan includes the following segments:

- Executive Summary

- Objectives

- Business Product/Service Description

- Competitive Comparison

- Keys to Success

- Market Analysis

- Management Team & Business Organizational Structure

- SWOT Analysis

- Startup Costs/Expenses

Thanks and Regards!

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