I will send you 30 minutes of Reiki with messages

send you 30 minutes of Reiki with messages
send you 30 minutes of Reiki with messages

About This Gig

What is Reiki?  Reiki is a universal life force energy.  It is channeled through the practitioner via the hands and mind.  Typically in person, Reiki sessions would consist of a clearing of the recipients Chakras, then the practitioner would hold their hands slightly above or on the body of the recipient to channel Reiki's healing energy to the person, helping their body to heal on its own. Reiki is also done from a distance and works just as well!

I am a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher with a keen gift of intuition along with a strong desire to help people, animals and mother earth!  I am here to provide distance Reiki sessions for any of your needs.  Reiki is an amazing thing that truly changed my life! 

I look forward to helping you using Reiki energy!

This basic gig includes one 30 min. distance Reiki session. I will perform the session and send you confirmation/messages once complete via written or audio file depending on the situation and what I feel I need to convey to you regarding your session.

GIG GRAND OPENING SPECIAL - buy 30 minutes of Reiki get another 30 for free!

Many Blessings!

Order Details

30 Minute Distance Reiki Session

In this package you will be sent 30 min, full body distance Reiki Session with confirmation messges

3 days delivery