I will develop your strategic and business plan

develop your strategic and business plan

About This Gig

The Business and Strategic Planning define the route to follow to reach the destination specified in the Business Model, with a previous research and analysis of the position in the market, in order to optimize the strategy and gain competitiveness, defining what brings cost and what contributes value, allowing to identify where to boost efforts in human, creative and economic resources, which allow the attainment of the goals, as well as the definition of necessary  actions to remain in a stage of continuous improvement to be placed by above the competition. 

Including tactical and operational aspects that through their tools will help identify business opportunities, follow strategies and implement continuous improvements.


Strategic Plan
Market Research
Marketing Plan
Operations Plan
Execution Plan
Human Resources Plan
Financial Plan
Diversification and strategic reorientation Plan
Investor Pitch Deck
Product Development Plans

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Business Plan

Articulate your business opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Overall, what does the Business Plan include?
    The Business Plan will include an Executive Summary, Company Summary, Industry & Market Research & Analysis, Strategy Plan, Operations & Execution Plan and Financial Plan.
  • Overall, what does the Company Summary include?
    Business Vision & Mission, Business Model, Products/Services, Objectives, S.W.O.T. Analysis and Human Resources Plan.
  • Overall, what does the Market Research & Analysis include?
    Market Overview, Quantitative & Qualitative Supply Analysis, Quantitative & Qualitative Demand Analysis, Qualitative & Quantitative Trade Analysis
  • Overall, what does the Strategy Plan include?
    Goals, Target Market, Branding, Corporate Image, Generic Strategy and Social Responsibility Strategy.
  • Overall, what does the Marketing Plan include?
    Marketing Mix Strategies (Product, Price, Distribution & Promotion), including digital marketing strategies
  • Overall, what does the Operations & Execution Plan include?
    Action Plan, Monitoring & Control Process, Facility requirements, Management Information systems and Information Technology (IT) requirements; Detailing its staffing, management, suppliers, alliances and contingency plans.
  • Overall, what does the Financial Plan include?
    1-5 years financial projections for optimistic, pessimistic and realistic scenarios, cost & revenues, balance sheets, cash flow statements, profit and loss and sales forecasts, financial resources, internal or external funding.
  • In which languages I can order the Business Plan?
    English, Spanish & French
  • How long will it take to receive the Business Plan?
    It will depend on the project, for example an export business plan that requires the research of 5 markets and the design of a strategy plan, an operational plan and a financial plan for each market, will require more time than another one of a concrete market.
  • How much will I have to pay for the Business Plan?
    It will depend on the project, scope of work and client needs. The price can range from USD 200 to USD 2,000.