I will do a comprehensive market research

do a comprehensive market research

About This Gig

Customized market research to study the feasibility of your project and offer commercial advantages, in order to minimize risks, find new opportunities and develop new markets

Market research is the tool that allows us to listen to the current and potential clients, to know how they perceive us, what they need, what they feel, what they understand, analyse the competition in a structured way, and the peculiarities of market trade, distribution and entry barriers. 

In summary, a Market Research allows planning, collecting, analyzing and communicating relevant data about the size, competition, consumer profiles and distributor availability, in order to assist the management to make right decisions and control actions in a specific market situation.


Market & Product Research

Feasibility Studies

Positioning Studies

Bench Marking

Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis: Market, Supply, Demand and Trade

Consumer Insights Extraction

Opinion Poll Online & Offline (Thailand)

Legal Factors Report

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Market Research

Customized market research and analysis to study the feasibility of projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Overall, what does the Market Research Report include?
    Market Overview, Supply Analysis, Demand Analysis & Trade Analysis
  • Overall, what does the Market Overview include?
    Market Situation (legal, technical, logistics, marketing, and production), its structure, entry barriers, geographical areas, size, clients and customers and its degree of concentration or dispersion, market trends, product trends, risks, as well as the market's forecasts (Demand growth trends).
  • Overall, what does the Supply Analysis include?
    Quantitative & qualitative analysis of direct competition, indirect competition and entry barriers.
  • Overall, what does the Demand Analysis include?
    Quantitative & qualitative analysis, consumer behavior, demand by market segment or niche, buying habits, demand trends, potential demand, external factors (demographics).
  • Overall, what does the Trade Analysis include?
    Costs of purchasing products or subcontracting suppliers, distribution channels, distribution strategies, marketing strategies, business contact strategies, intermediation, contracts, payment terms, quotes model, market access, regulatory barriers, tax and labour barriers, competition policy...
  • In which languages I can order the Market Research Report?
    English, Spanish and French.
  • How long will it take to receive the Market Research Report?
    It depends on the scope of the report, markets to analyse, the needs of the client, the number of products or services offered by the company...
  • How much will I have to pay for the Market Research Report?
    It depends on the scope of the report, the needs of the client, the number of products or services offered by the company... The price can vary from USD 200 to USD 2,000.