I will show you effective pain relief

show you effective pain relief

About This Gig

I will show you how to easily use a tennis ball, golf ball, softball size ball or nerf football to ease and possibly eliminate low back pain and other common trigger point pain in as little as 5 minutes a day.   And don't be surprised if other pain resolves and your body feels like it's finally unlocking.

This is not what you think it may be... you find the hard, hot or tender area and then follow my instructions.  You basically get to relax during your own self treatment!

Show this technique to your doctor or physical therapist to be sure you are safe to do them.  (I had to say that :)

This is the most effect form of back pain relief I have found in my 20+ years of doing physical therapy work.  So effective that before I became a stay at home mom, I was sent all the back and neck patients for my "magic."  Now I'm passing that magic on to you.