I will transcribe 15 minutes of italian audio or video in 24 hours


About This Gig

Hi and welcome in this gig!

My name is Marco, i am an italian native speaker. I'll do a transcription of an italian audio or video long 15 minutes or less for only 5 dollars in 24 hours! 

Instead, for 30 minutes the price is 10 dollars. Have you got a longer file? Contact me for a custom offer!

The non verbatim transcription will be written in a Word document with:

  • specific attention to grammar and punctuation.
  • time spans when a speaker talks.
  • brackets like this (3:10 not understandable) to indicate the minute and the second of a term not clear, and this (right word: ...) where i correct a misspelling made by speaker.

and it will be:
  • proofread once completed.
  • revised one or more times if you are not completely satisfied.

So the final result will be a perfect transcription ready to be delivered!
Have a look at the pdf file, there you will find an example transcript (obviously, as i said before, the transcription will be sent in .doc format).

You can send me every type of content but it must have a clear audio.

If you have doubts, feel free to ask.

That said, i wait your order! I will be happy to transcribe your italian audio or video!

Order Details

Complete and fast transcription

I will do a non verbatim transcription of italian audio or video long 15 minutes for only 5 dollars!

  • Time Reference
  • Proofreading
  • Up to 3 Speakers
1 day delivery unlimited Revisions