I will check the quality of an Italian voice over

check the quality of an Italian voice over
check the quality of an Italian voice over

About This Gig

Satisfied with the Italian voice over work you have just received? Do you feel the voice talent you want to hire is absolutely perfect?

The truth is: if you are not an Italian native speaker and an expert in correct Italian speech and pronunciation... YOU WILL NEVER KNOW!

I am a Voice Talent, 51, 30 years in the business and I have heard thousands of voice over jobs, some excellent, some very good, some very disappointing and of a very low quality, but... the client cannot realize..! He just hears a nice warm voice, a sufficient quality of the sound, no background noises and he thinks he has made a bargain! He publishes, and any Italian client can hear it is not clearly pronounced, not correct Italian, not proper intonation, and he pays attention to that, instead of the content of the message.

Don't make that mistake! Have a quality check!

It will take minutes and very low expense, but you will be sure that the bargain you made is real!

Let me have it for you!


Ciao! :)

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1 day delivery

Voice Over Quality Check

Let me check the quality of the VO you have just received, or the quality of a VT you just hired

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This Package includes 200 words. For each additional 100 words, the price is $5.