I will give you the ability to Time Travel

give you the ability to Time Travel

About This Gig

Have you always Dreamed of Time Travelling? with my spell, its possible and I can Guarantee a Successful Time Travel session for you. I will firstly open up your Third Eye and then Enhance your Abilities and then remove some Unnecessary Abilities. I will then Implant new Abilities like the Ability to perceive the Future and past into Lucid feelings. This means, you have the Ability to see into the past and Future and you can walk, touch, feel and smell the Past and Future as if you are really there.

This spell requires a Re-casting time of 30 Consecutive days for the effects of this spell to work 100%. For a limited time only, I can offer to work on your spell for 30 consecutive days for the basic price of $5

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3 days delivery

You can Time Travel

I will open up your Third eye and grant you the power to Remotely View. I will also enhance it