I will send influential thoughts to someones mind

send influential thoughts to someones mind

About This Gig

Are you in need of urgent help in life? is there someone in your life who needs emotional help or perhaps they need help to lose weight or even pass an important exam. Anything is possible with this spell

I will meditate and link my mind with another person's mind as one. I will then plant new thoughts in their mind and manipulate their actions to do what ever you want. Perhaps you want to be offered a job or you want a pay rise at work.

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3 days delivery

Basic Package

I will remotely cast a Hypnosis spell

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast are results?
    Results will take about 6-10 months for full Manifestation. Results will be a lot quicker with my Gig extra for quick results and results will take from a few hours to a few weeks.
  • How long will results last?
    2-3 months. Results will last forever with my Gig extra for permanent results