I will be your Travel Planner for $5

/ 3 Days On Average

About This Gig

I can help you find best rates on a flight, find your dream cruise vacation, plan a trip with your entire family.
Questions about immigration or visas? With dual citizenship and members of my family in many countries, can provide the most up to date information.
With over twenty years of experience as a Travel Agent and an avid traveler since a child, I can tailor the task to suit your needs.
I lived in many countries in Europe, several states in US including Hawaii and now am exploring Latin America with my faithful four-legged companion. 
With access to special software, see 30-day spans for airline discounts, know the secret cabins on ships that give you window views for porthole cabin prices.
Need ideas for a road trip or map out a hiking route? 
Eco-tourism is my specialty now, almost always can provide you with the CO2 consumption (ask for the FREE carbon footprint offer).
I do not mind an inquiry, but please specify that when contacting me,
$5 USD for a consultation. For gig extras see below.
PLEASE do not make a purchase until you and I communicate.

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