I will share ESL private lesson plans with printables

share ESL private lesson plans with printables

About This Gig

Are you a private lessons teacher looking for ideas?
A teacher who needs dynamic ideas for class?
Wanna practice literacy with your kids but they think books are boring?
Have a topic you are not sure how to teach in an interesting way?
Just plain TIRED of making plannings and want me to help?

ASK ME! Shoot me a message telling me what you need and I´ll send 5-10 lesson ideas about your specific lesson ( or various lessons if you´d like). I have been teaching for 3 years now and I really like to teach out of the box with my kids,to share EXPERIENCES with them, that really make the learning stand out.

I can even do a couple extras for you like:
- record a listening activity, and send you the audio (3-5 minutes).
- write a short story for your lesson plan, using the grammar elements you need (1 page max)
- send you pinterest boards about what you need
- deliver in 2 days - buyer must provide topics in first message.