I will deliver absolutely revealing powerful interviews

Very Professional and exciting to work with!
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jackstevens204 3 months ago
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I recommend, she is very professional and has a perfect catchy and punchy voice
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deliver absolutely revealing powerful interviews
deliver absolutely revealing powerful interviews
deliver absolutely revealing powerful interviews

About This Gig

 You can have a professional, focused , outstanding interview to post on your website,crowdfunding page,  blog, social media platform or even use as a product to sell.
 I will ask 4 questions selected by you & or myself and you are ready for a 5 minute interview.
Best value for your time is a 10 minute interview and you get that when you buy the Gig Extra ( Pre Interview Consult)
 A Pre- Interview Consult (this is a gig extra) scheduled the day before your interview) is a good way to collaborate on questions to be asked. You get a customized interview, you control the questions, you are the star!
This gig is great for entrepreneurs, authors & advertising events

  • The 5 minute interview itself - NO REVISION - Unedited
  • The Pre Interview Consult ( Gig Extra) but worth it.  Let's go over the questions to be asked and make sure that the interview is crafted to do what you want it to do
  • .The  Gig extra is listed below.  The FAQ usually answers questions - but any uncertainty - contact me first.
  •  No porn or illegal in any part of the world.

Order Details

2 days delivery

5 min. audio interview

10 min interview after buying Pre Show Gig Extra

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get the biggest bang for my buck with this gig?
    To purchase the 2 gig extras will give you the most value. $5.00 reserves your interview time, you must purchase the 5 minute interview time (an extra gig) , When you purchase the consult (extra gig) we can collaborate on the questions you want asked giving you full control of the interview.
  • Why will the pre interview consult be valuable to me?
    This time gives me a chance to ask you questions leading to questions that satisfy the reason why you purchased the interview. Your input is valuable and collaboration on creating your 4 questions gives you control and confidence during the podcast recording.