I will write a one minute video script for you

write a one minute video script for you

About This Gig

I've written scripts for explained, tutorials, whiteboard animations, music videos, and more.
I'm a video script writer and for $5, I will write you a video script, up to 1  minute in length.

  • Up to 1 minute = $5 
  • Up to 90 sec = $10
  • Up to 2 minutes = $15
  • Up to 3 minutes = $25
  • Two scripts of 30 seconds = $10

Max. length is 3 minutes.

I need to know what you had in mind for the visual (whiteboard animation, presenter in a studio, or something else) and for the audio part (voice over or just background music) of the video. I also need all the key points and all the information you want the video to cover. Please send as detailed instructions as possible, not just the topic!

I work with the material and instructions you send me (not a whole book!). I don't offer consultations or research, nor do I explore apps or sign up for services.

I write video scripts. I don't make videos, draw storyboards, or do voice over.

One free revision (small changes, not a complete redo). If you're still not satisfied, I will refund you.

Nothing illegal, unethical, or explicitly sexual. No school assignments or politics.