I will be your book copyeditor AND proofreader at low cost

be your book copyeditor AND proofreader at low cost

About This Gig

If you have written a book or are in the process of writing one, then place your trust in me to polish your written words in a proficient and efficient manner. I can also help you proceed with your story if you are in the midst of a writer's block.

- Professional
- Fast & Friendly
- Economical

You can have your document edited in either method:

1. Track Changes: Return document with editing corrections and comments.
2. Integrate Changes: Return document with changes already incorporated and ready for print.

Some books that I have edited:

  • Where does the Greener Grass Grow? - Tarek Hassan
  • Social Influence for Real Estate Professionals - Gail Hansche
  • OMG I'm a Teen! Now What? - Greg Noland
  • Riding ShotGun - Brooke Lynne (re-edited after publication)
  • Behind Closed Doors - Kelissa Bass
  • How to Sell Products & Services With Mobile Apps - Maurice Ufituwe
  • Beyond the Gate by Marina Sage
  • A Teenage Enchantress - S.B.Bartlett
  • A Teenage Enchantress: With Light Comes Darkness - S.B.Bartlett

Important Notice: Fee will depend on your document length, quality of writing, preferred editing method and expected time frame.

*I do not edit writing falling under the erotica genre.

Feel free to message me for any inquiries.