I will be your accountability partner and help you start a doable writing ritual

be your accountability partner and help you start a doable writing ritual

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Description 1 message 3 messages in a week 5 messages in a week
  A motivational message to stop you from talking yourself out of writing today. 3 messages to motivate you to start a writing ritual this week. 5 messages to remind you to reach for today's writing goal.
Delivery time 2 days 5 days 7 days
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About This Gig

Imagine hitting your daily writing goals AND have fun doing it.

You can. There’s just one obstacle standing in your way…


Not convinced that’s the problem? Answer this…

How many times have you promised to work on your blog, book or writing business tomorrow, only to talk yourself out of it…tomorrow? 

I’ve done this more times than my math challenged head can count. After all letting distractions, life and busywork fill our days is so much easier than facing the scary unknowns that accompany any passion project or new writing business. And promising to start tomorrow feels so good and hopeful until…tomorrow. 

Together we can end this cycle.

Now, I can’t force you to start, but I can send you a motivational message that double-dog dares you to start, not quit and hit daily writing goals.

Yeah, it sucks to feel like you have to pay for an accountability partner. But isn’t it worth investing in one and yourself if it helps you build momentum toward your goals? 

By working with a professional coach and accountability partner, like me, you eliminate any chance that you’re partner will have to bail on you.


Let’s team up and get your writing ritual started.