I will feature your Etsy shop on my blog

feature your Etsy shop on my blog
feature your Etsy shop on my blog
feature your Etsy shop on my blog

About This Gig

I'll feature your Etsy shop on my blog, Precious Works! Your can create  backlinks and bring traffic into your shop

  • One mention on a blog can get you sales!
  • Links into your shop or from high ranking blogs can help grow your SEO power, juice, rank…you get the idea.  It’s a good thing.
  • The more links the better!!  {I can’t stress this enough!}
  • You reach new people...
  • You are building your brand recognition with each mention or featured post.
  • Traffic is worth money!  Usually your return for working with a blogger is a big benefit to you…cost per click could be super low.

This Gig will Feature your Shop using one item and Shop Details
I also post into my social board (P) with 6.6 k followers. Is an handmade niche. But they also need to advertise, buy their own products etc. Like all of us.

I am also a seller and know how important  it is. To be seen. This is a definite post. Most trafic for my site comes from outside ,social media, posts around the internet with the right keywords.

I have an EXTRA TO SHOW YOU how to make improvements at  your Etsy Shop.
A constructive way to say: you could do this or that. Is not working well? these could be the reasons...and you can change THIS WAY.

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